A Solcast API Python client `solcast-py`


Hello Solcast community! We’ve just added a new Python client library that should makes this simpler to get started with our API.

The solcast library can be installed via Py-py and the pip install solcast command. This library simply wraps HTTP calls to the Solcast API. For example, to get the latest radiation forecast for a specific location, you can call.

radiation_forecasts = solcast.get_radiation_forecasts(-35, 149, 'INSERTYOURAPIKEYHERE')

Getting PV power forecasts for your PV site is similar, but takes additional parameters for your PV system.

pv_power_resp = solcast.get_pv_power_forecasts(-35, 149, capacity=2000, tilt=23, azimuth=0, api_key='INSERTYOURAPIKEYHERE')

This client library was created by Chris Tapper at the ANU and original source is available on GitHub.

We plan on adding more client libraries as time goes on, so feel free to post your feedback, let us know what platform you are using or what you might want to see next!


Hi Darren,
Do you guys have any plans for an “R” client library?


Hi Adam,

Same developer of the Python library did create an R library. It’s also on GitHub :slight_smile:

Any feedback on the library would also be appreciated.


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