Are raw data available?


Hello, all. I have tried your API which is amazing.
I am a master student in Sydney. I would like to ask some questions.

  1. Do you have the historical radiation data? I would like to implement an algorithm based on historical data and use your PV power prediction as a comparison. Any API or link available helps.
  2. What is the source of your radiation data? I have found there are some weather stations in Sydney. But your API provides the data according to longitude and latitude which may not be covered by a weather station.
    Thank you for your help!



Glad you are finding our data useful :slight_smile:.

To answer your questions.

  1. We do have historical radiation data but currently it’s not available through the API. This will be something we will be making available to researchers and students in particular before the end of the year. For now you can use our /radiation/estimated_actuals/latest endpoint which goes back 7 days, you could collect this over time if you wanted to build up a history. The radiation data we have is used in our PV power output both predictions (forecasts) and recent past (estimated actuals). Some more info on our docs pages.
  2. Our data is derived primarily from satellite imagery with some use of publicly available numeric weather model data as well. This enables us to have coverage where ever we have satellite coverage, which is pretty close to global coverage. We update most of the worlds radiation data every 10-15 minutes and adding more satellites as more of the next generation geostationary weather satellites come online.

Hope this answers your questions.


Thank you for your reply! Will try your endpoint soon.:+1: