Converting Radiance data to kilowatt-hours (kWh)


Hello guys,

I have recently started my research on using a solar panel for new builds/ houses and found solcast is way ahead. I can use it for my project; however, I cannot find an exact way of converting radiance data into kWh; any suggestions, please?

Thank you so much for your attention and participation.


My data downloads as kW so is easily converted to kWh. Which service are you subscribed to?


I am using world API (Solar Radiation (GHI)) data; which one you are using, please? Does it provide a forecast for a year or 7 days only, please?


I have a rooftop solar account. I provide location details, power of the array, roof orientation etc and get kW directly.


Forecast for a year? What will be the weather on my birthday next year?

Seriously: Check pvlib, and then the modeling part. Takes a couple of hours to get the big picture, but after that, fairly straight forward.

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