Estimated actuals for North America


Hi all,

I’m trying to get the estimated actuals for Minneapolis, USA, but I’m always getting this response:


Any reason why this is happening? It was working fine about a week ago.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Madoo,

This is due to the loss of the GOES-13 satellite over the Christmas period.

We are currently in the process of incorporating its more advanced replacement, GOES-16, which only came online in late December last year.

We hope to have this online and resume estimated actuals later this month and those same estimated actuals requests will start showing data again.

Forecasts are still available for these regions but as reduced accuracy until GOES-16 is incorporated into our systems. Western North America is still covered by another satellite so these estimated actuals are still live and working. Only Eastern Central and North America are effected at this stage.

Hope that helps.


Hi Darren,

Thanks for your response. That’s wonderful news. Good luck with the development and keep up the brilliant work!


Hi Madhu,

Just to let you know, data from GOES16 data is now available from our API, so estimated actuals are now being updated.

The very latest estimated are available via the estimated_actuals/latest API call, if you don’t have access and are using our for academic and/or research purposes, I can update your access.


Hi Darren,

Brilliant. Thanks for the update! I can access the estimated_actuals data for NA and it works great, but I do not have access to the latest actuals data, so if you could update my access that would be much appreciated. And yes it is research-based. Do you have an update on the pricing for your API yet?



I’ve updated your access.

We’ll have announcements later on in the year regarding pricing and future products. Still things to be finalized but beta users will get notified about changes and timelines once we’ve worked them out. We will continue our support and encourage academic research use of our API with our new/updated products as well so stay tuned :slight_smile:


Hi Darren,

Thanks for updating my access! I look forward to hearing the announcement :slight_smile:

Kind regards,