Glitch platform SolcastAPI demo


I’ve created a simple demo on the Glitch platform, a live code editing web platform that manages auto deployments as well to easily share your own mashups or ‘remix’ of an application. I made a simple Node server application that requests PV forecasts for 5 locations within Canberra, Australia. The client side code then graphs the forecast PV estimates from the 5 sites.

To make your own remix of this application using Glitch, simply login with your own Glitch account head over to theRemix.

Once there, you’ll have to provide the SOLCAST_APIKEY in the .env file with your own Solcast API key.

Then if you want to change which locations are being forecasts or the PV attributes of the systems used, have a look in server.js and the solarProperties array declared.

var solarProperties = [
    capacity: 5500,
    azimuth: 0,
    tilt: 23,
    lat: -35.22,
    lon: 149.04,
    name: 'Belconnen'

This could also be changed to look at radiation forecasts or estimated actuals quite easily with some client side changes to the graph. A live demo of the application, hosted by Glitch, is also available, hope this helps :slight_smile:.