Hey guys, I created i website that estimates the production of your pv plant using your API


Hey guys, i’m an aspiring web developer, currently learning javascript. I found your API and i wanted to create a project just for fun and for improve my coding skill. I was always interested in solar panels, and i thought it would be cool if a random person can know how much their power plant is producing at any time of the day, just by knowing the type of panel that they have and the numbers of panel in sqrm. So, i created solarweb (https://github.com/fez994/SolarWeb).
Just wanted to share this with the community, and say thank you, this was the only free radiation API that i could find, if it wasn’t free i probably couldn’t start / finish this project. I know that it’s not gonna stay free forver, so i wanted to share it before you update the price.

Cheers, fez994

ps: if any of you want to cotribute/ improve the project, feel free to do so, that’s what github is for.


Great that this worked out. As you have stated there are other radiation API systems, but they are not free.

I will share your working project with other members of the team as it is satisfying to see their hard work being used in practice by an independent developer.

Thank you for posting this in the forums for others to see.


Thank you for helping on the early stages of the development, i remember having problems having both the google api and solcast working at the same time because of cross-origin domain issues (if i remember correctly).
This was probably the hardest part of the project, after that it was pretty much a piece of cake, thanks again.


Great work! Really nice to see what people are building with our services.


Great thx used it for my German Web Blogs, i wanted to use the copernicus data, but this was too complicate. used your code on http://www.photovoltaik.or.at see also my old solar weather implementation with forecast and module coefficient forecast http://www.photovoltaik.or.at/wetter-fuer-oesterreich-und-photovoltaik-ertrags-prognose_1251.html


If you would be willing to can you elaborate on the differences that prompted you to switch from the Copernicus data to Solcast this would be invaluable.