MultiLocational Historical Data


We are a solar car race team and are building a strategy system. We would like to incorporate historical data into this system, but as we are a race team, we need to continually change our location. With every location being 80$ this seems infeasible, but I just wanted to ask: is there anyway to get only the pv power data values of historical data for a continually changing location with a 5000 dollar budget. The race is thousands of miles and several weeks.

Thank You.

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Hi @illinisolarcar team!

We have several other teams working with our data but not long using our long term historical. Can you tell us a bit more about how you want to use this data for the race? Also, what time resolution are you looking for and going back how far?

Other teams use our Live and Forecast data via our World Radiation API or World PV Power API on race days. You can also use this product to collect recent historical data and build up your own history over time. These products are available under the “Simple Lat/Lon” monthly product which allows you to request as many locations as you need. It only returns the last 7 days of live data but will also give you access to forecasts to help you plan energy consumption during the race.

Please let us know if you have any other questions!