NEM Large Scale Solar: Realtime Generation and Solcast Data


Thanks for creating and promoting Solcast. And, of course making the API (#SolcastAPI) available.

I was inspired by Nick’s words in the API Video and have risen to his challenge. Please find realtime updates (every 30mins) for the Large-Scale Solar (LSS) plants in the NEM:

Some background. Currently developing a NEM related web site at - - where I have built up all the processes to collect, store and query data from the NEM, BOM, News and Solcast now.

UI needs lots of work but I now have reliable processes for data collection, storage, querying and graphing.

The most obvious thing for me to do with the Solcast API was to match up Solcast’s ESTIMATED_ACTUALS with NEM Large Scale Solar Generation.

First effort is here:

It is heartening to see that CLOUD_OPACITY matching the variation in generation, something I had always assumed was the case. Also, assume in some cases there will be Network Limitations constraining the output of some LSS plants. I also now have a better understanding of the Solar Irradiance Terms.

Hope some of the big players in the NEM and related fields can do something with the data.

Experience has shown me that meaningful Data can make us inquisitive and in taming, massaging, using and analysing it we can become more knowledgeable and efficient. Looking forward to following where the Solcast data will take us all.

Thank you for Solcast.

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Hi Eljmkkt, What’s the best way to get in contact with you?