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Hi All,

Im sorry if my question seems a bit basic but I am new to all this and was wondering if you could help me please.

I have the basic one roof free account and was wondering if it was possible to PV tune the account?

My inverter is a Solar Edge inverter and they have given me an API code to access the data.

I was wondering where i start getting the data from solar Edge onto this site to tune my system, And if it is at all possible with the type of account I have.

Thankyou In Advance for any help you can give me.



I have a basic rooftop solar account too which also tunes.

Once you have uploaded enough data then it will start to tune automatically.

There’s a solcast API to upload your data. I do so every 5 minutes.

I assume that you’ll need to code something to download generation data from the inverter API, process it, and upload using the solcast API.


My rooftop solar is rather old and small, so it’s underperforming by quite a large margin.

I’ve been trying to post measurement results to Solcast.

However it is always giving me an error 400, which from the documentation, says: “The measurement does not pass validation (only for single measurement)”.

Based on what I’ve read in the documentation,

time must be UTC and total_power is in kw.

Using the following URL: https://api.solcast.com.au/rooftop_sites/1733-8a15-eea4-2652/measurements?api_key=xxx

with post parameters:
period_end: 2020-08-12T06:35:00.0000000Z
total_power: 0.005
period: “PT5M”

Is there anything I’m doing wrong ?


Your post format is incorrect, got to have things quoted. Like this


Thanks for that,

I’ve just added “site_resource_id”: “1733-8a15-eea4-2652” to the payload as per your image.
Posting the following to: https://api.solcast.com.au/rooftop_sites/1733-8a15-eea4-2652/measurements?api_key=xxxxxxxxxx

                        "site_resource_id": "1733-8a15-eea4-2652",
                        "measurement"     : {
                            "period_end"  : UTCtime,
                            "period"      : "PT5M",
                            "total_power" : powergeneration5min

Unfortunately, it hasn’t improved the situation.
I’m still getting a 400 reply.


The first half of that screen is the request and the bottom half is the response.

Don’t include "site_resource_id" in your POST request


curl --location --request POST 'https://api.solcast.com.au/rooftop_sites/0811-1b5e-b146-3b8a/measurements?api_key=<YOUR_API_KEY>' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{
  "measurement": {
    "period_end": "2018-02-02T03:30:00.0000000Z",
    "period": "PT5M",
    "total_power": 0.005


  "site_resource_id": "0811-1b5e-b146-3b8a",
  "measurement": {
    "period_end": "2018-02-02T03:30:00.0000000Z",
    "period": "PT5M",
    "total_power": 0.005

Thank you for that Siliconrob!
Seems that I was missing the header in my curl request.
All good now!

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