Real time data availability


Hello, Thank you for this amazing API and data.!
I am a PhD student in US (not expert in solar energy).
I would like to ask two questions.
When I request estimated-actuals, the most recent one is a few hours ago.
(1) Is the real-time data available?

(2) What is the source of estimated-actuals? I am not familiar with this issue, but I heard that solar radiation data is derived from satellite image and model. Is this similar to this one or measured data on the ground?
If (2) is technical details, it is fine to answer only question (1). (actually, my location is Indiana, US)

Thank you


Hi Sang,

For the estimated-actuals API there are two endpoints. If you go to our Swagger UI page, you’ll see both of them under the radiation label.

The default radiation/estimated_actuals returns data that is delayed. Currently (and during the remainder of the beta), this endpoint is delayed by 6 hours. This amount of delay will probably change at some point (to 24 hours) but access this delayed data will most likely remain free for research purposes.

The other endpoint is radiation/estimated_actuals/latest this returns the observation from the latest satellite image. In the case of the US, this is most likely a ~40-50 minute delay due the current satellites in use.

Estimated Actuals are satellite-derived estimates of surface radiation or PV power, based on actual measurements from satellites (rather than forecasts). Whilst estimated actuals can be subject to satellite-related errors, our regular validation shows them to be in very good agreement with measured actuals data. These values don’t come from actual sensors on the ground.


Thanks Darren!

By the way, when I tried to use /latest API, I got 403 error. Did I do something wrong or is not available yet.?


Hi Sang,

This would be because your account when it was created didn’t sign up requesting day behind estimated-actuals.

If you sign up under your university email account providing the additional information during registration, you’ll be able to access the latest endpoint during the beta.

I’ll look at changing the registration page text to make this more apparent.


Thank you for the fast response!

I didn’t request it because it requires some number such as ACN. (and it seems like the number is limited to Austrailian researchers). When I registered, I felt like this feature is only limited to Austrailian researchers.
I am a PhD student in US university (Purdue univ. IN). Am I eligible to get access the latest API endpoint?


Hi Sang,

Ok, if you sign up with your university email domain, I can apply this access manually. While our registration page is predominantly aimed at Australian companies, happy to enable access to your studies. Once you’ve signed up with that email, let me know via a direct message on here and I’ll enable access.



Thank you so much Darren!.
I just created another account using my school domain.
The email address is ***[at]
If you need any other information, please let me know

EDIT: Admin edited for privacy reasons


I’ve updated your access, you should now be able to access the latest endpoint for estimated actuals. :smile: