Rooftop sites data incorrect?


Since tuesday I noticed that the rooftop sites PV Power data (estimated actual and forecast) seems to be off by a factor of ~10. For my setup the peak was a about 2kW for an average day, while now it is more in the range of 0.2kW. Moreover, my inverter measurement (which I also post to Solcast) confirm that the PV Power data is incorrect.

Does anyone else experience this error? Had something chaged in the API?


Please check the accuracy graph in the Toolkit. I believe measurements may have been incorrectly submitted as 0.2kW instead of 2kW, so the algorithm has adjusted the forecast based on those measurements.

Try setting up a second identical site to compare, you should get a better result:


Thanks, there was indeed someting wrong with the measurement data I’m uploading. I send kWh data for the 5m interval, which is 1/12 of the kW number. So that explains the difference.