SOLVED: Tuning questions - API


I am on the free plan with a single off-grid rooftop site. I find the forecasts quite helpful and am now interested in providing data to tune the forecasts. I’m struggling to find information on how this is done and what restrictions might be in effect for the free plan.

I’ve attempted to use the API to provide data on 10 minute intervals but am getting errors that make me think the API (POST /rooftop_sites/{resource_id}/measurement) is not available for free subscriptions. Is it available?

Thanks for any clarification or pointers.

edit: What’s happening is that a 404 is returned by the HTTP POST, which I understand means “The rooftop site cannot be found or is not accessible.” I’m using the same API key and Resource ID as I do when GETting the forecast. GET works but POST does not.



Yes you can post measurements for your rooftop site while on the free subscription plan. The correct url is “/rooftop_sites/{resource_id}/measurements”. Can you double-check the URL and that you have the “s” on the end of “measurements”?


I combine a free plan and data uploads.


Michael, I’m only posting one measurement at a time, so using “/measurement”, per the api docs.



I think I now understand. Needs to be /measurements even for one measurement. Thanks for the hint.