Using the API with node-red (and influxDB, Grafana)


Hi Folks,

just registered to say thank you for providing the rooftop service.
I am a new owner of a single rooftop but with solar modules oriented towards East & West and with different numbers on each side.
Using your PV-Tuning service, feeding measurements I now get real nice forecasts and estimates for my site (originally created in South orientation).

I integrated your API-service into my local setup by using node-red with influxDB and Grafana.
Hers’s a writeup I did, for others to (re.)use and adopt, over in the node-red forum:

thanks again and keep up the good work!



Welcome to the community. I’m afraid that it’s not the liveliest place. :wink:


:grin: yes, looks like you have a point there.
As long as the service is working without trouble, this can be see seen as a positive case, don’t you think? :rofl:

Besides, now two weeks in using the API on a regular basis, i found that the API service is not responding about 1 out of 10 tries, but still counting each try / access against the number of allowed API calls a day.
But with a free service, you cannot be too picky, I guess :innocent:

thank you for your reply…stay safe, these days.


I think the API limit applies to downloads only. I use it to create a schedule for the day ahead when my electricity prices are published so I’m nowhere near the daily limit unless I’m testing a software change.

I upload generation data every 5 minutes.


Yes, you are correct.
Uploading measurements does not count against the limit. I am using 5min intervals (PT5M) for measurements, but do upload data every hour (but I am able to inject / recreate an update with a different start/end-time anytime manually). If you resend data, it will simply be overridden, so no harm in doing so. I did not notice a difference to the pv-tuning algorithm, when using different uploading intervals.

I am still within the first allowance of 1000 calls and collecting forecasts multiple times a day. What I see is, as it is expected, that the forecasts do change throughout the day. My use case is for deciding on how to charge an EV (PV only or minimum load plus PV excess power) in order to maximise using available PV and charging the EV up to the desired point (SoC and Time) at the same time.
So I need a good forecast (which means gathered from short time in advance to the charging event) for early morning, afternoon/evening and the next early morning and so on.

I have build a retry in my API-calls function and will adjust the call intervals to leave some headroom for retries.

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